A Family Session with Magical Lighting

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May 22, 2023



“I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.” – Trent Parke

Early weather forecasts for Mother’s Day were dismal. Cloudy with rain and chilly temps. Not the weather you want to have for an upcoming Family Session. We kept our date on the books but quickly started looking for a back up date, just in case!

As Sunday drew closer, that dismal forecast began to change and the rain disappeared! I arrived early at the park and set out looking for the ideal shooting spots. When I saw the sunlight falling through the trees in this one area, I was captivated. This spot was close to the pond and I knew this one area would give us beautiful light and a soft backdrop for their images.

As we began the session, I knew the lighting was beautiful, but it wasn’t until I processed their gallery that I realized just how magical the lighting truly was that day. For those who don’t know, light is the secret ingredient that takes an ordinary image and makes it extraordinary. Knowing how to see light and how to use light when photographing, are the key to capturing magical moments.

And can I tell you what a joy it was to photograph this family! We first met back in 2016 when I first moved to PA. In the past seven years, I’ve watched these beautiful children grow up and the oldest daughters are doing some pretty amazing things right now! I was so blessed to photograph them before we move to NC next month.

Smith Family, I hope you cherish these magical images as much as I do. It fills my heart that you chose me to take your pictures. It was an honor to help document this moment in the story of your lives for you!

God’s Blessings!

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  1. Carolyn S says:

    We had been putting family photos off for so long. We cannot thank you enough for capturing this magical day for our family.
    We love these more than you can imagine!

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