Welcome to Sage Willow Photography! I am Shelley Broderick, the Creative behind the lens. Since childhood, I've always found joy in capturing the world around me through my camera lens. I discovered long ago that I was inspired by the details in life most people passed by without noticing - the moments of spiritual connection. Those details can make all the difference on the journey of life. 
As a professional, fine-art photographer, I strive to capture those unspoken moments through dramatic images that help us all to feel the integral connection between nature, animals and people. My passion for Native American history and culture can be found in much of what I photograph.
You will often find me outdoors in the quiet peace of nature with my camera and my German Shepherd. At home I am a wife and a mom with an amazing little family I cherish with all my heart! 
I live my life seeking inspiration on the journey and capturing the moments that connect us all.

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"There is No Perfection, Only Beautiful Versions of Brokenness"

Shannon L. Alder