Exciting News – Sage Willow Photography is Going Coastal!

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February 19, 2023



Hello Friends! The day has finally arrived and I am able to share my exciting news with you all! We are packing up our home and our family and heading south in June! We have lived in PA the past seven years and we’ve shared some memorable milestones here. This small business of mine was officially launched here in PA and it’s been amazing to meet and photograph so many wonderful people through the years. My older two boys graduated from high school here and my youngest has grown up here and will soon start high school himself. We said goodbye to our sweet Raven while living here and welcomed Havok into our home! We never would have found Havok had we not lived here and I am forever grateful he came into our lives.

It was always my dream to eventually move out west and live among the vast openness of the lands and mountains and the open air. Dreams of photographing the wild west and its ranchers and its raw untouched beauty, similar to the work of a photographer I deeply admire, Evelyn Cameron, in Montana. I still love that dream but in recent years my soul has been pulled to the coastal oceans, such a complete opposite!

A part of my soul will always be with those western lands and those dreams, but after many deep discussions with my family, many prayers and a lot of searching, we have made a decision! In June my family and my photography will move south to Hampstead, NC! We will live on the mainland, just across the bridge from Topsail Island! We love this small town and believe it’s the perfect place for us! We have good friends who live very close by and a beautiful ocean we can visit as often as we like. Each obstacle we faced disappeared before our eyes. Every challenge that came upon us during this process was eliminated. We have no doubt God led us on this journey and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

As we get closer to June, Sage Willow Photography will begin blocking out calendar availability to ensure I have enough time to finish galleries and orders before I head south. I plan to shoot sessions through early May. If you would like to schedule a session before I leave, please reach out soon and get a spot on the calendar! Spots are limited!

For my PA and VA families, I will still be available for travel sessions after we move, and of course, I would love to photograph your family at the beach! So if you should find yourself vacationing on the North Carolina coast, I’d love to help you create some more beautiful memories together!

I am sure these last four months will pass quickly but I hope to see you all before we head south! Spring is the perfect time to bring family together for fresh photos in the new year! If you’re not already following me on Instagram and/or Facebook, find me today and follow along! There will be more information to share in the coming months!

I hope to see you before we head south!

Much love to you all!


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