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July 11, 2019



“There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.

There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.

Oh traveler, if you are in search of that,

Don’t look outside – look inside yourself and seek that.”



This past weekend I photographed someone I’ve known many years. I watched her grow up and now she’s about to head out west on a grand new adventure, as she starts college. We planned on doing senior pictures but schedules and distance delayed them. We decided to just take some fun images that reflect her beautiful soul and all that makes her who she is!

We explored the area for some perfect locations and I believe we found them! The old building was incredible and we had a lot of fun shooting there. It gave us the perfect backdrop for what she’d hoped to capture. It also gave me the opportunity to shoot something different from the norm. We each stepped outside the box to create some beautiful images.

It will difficult to watch her head off to Oregon this fall but I am so incredibly proud of this beautiful young woman. She has a bold determination to chase her dreams and is not deterred by walking into the new journey on her own, far from home. This girl is going places and I cannot wait to see where the path leads her!

Enjoy your images, Isabella! I cherished our time and the fun we had creating some images that reflect your uniqueness as well as your beauty, inside and out. Never change who you are because who you are is pretty amazing!



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