There is Strength in Every Struggle


June 14, 2019



There is nothing more important than knowing your soul and living the truth it speaks.

–Alan Cohen

It feels so good to be back! The year brought some difficult challenges to me but I can finally see blue skies ahead. I weathered the storms that came to me and pushed through them. I learned that it’s not important how many times you fall down. All that matters is that you get back up. My family moved into a new home three weeks ago after selling our other home. We left the bad behind us and took a leap of faith.

As I unpacked all the boxes, I discovered two hawks living in the trees behind us. They are out there every day. I have come to enjoy my morning coffee with them and my camera and I find myself trying to photograph them in the evenings as well. They perch on the limbs of a dead tree and fly gracefully through the sky.

I noticed in the recent storms we’ve had that at least one of them will stay atop his perch and weather the rain and winds. I smile each time as I am reminded to face what comes my way with strength and push through each storm. I love our new home and our new community and I am excited for what lies ahead. It feels good to get back outside with my camera and Raven. I am sharing a few images I took of my new friends. Enjoy!

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I believe it is in our DNA to be connected to nature, animals and each other. When I look through the lens of my camera, I want to highlight this connection and preserve it so you can share your story with future generations.

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