Let Your Spirit Guide You

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October 17, 2018




There is no place you can go to hide from the thoughts you keep contemplating 

over and over inside your mind.

There is no place you can venture where your true emotions will be concealed

and the secrets of your heart will not show.

There is no place in this whole wide world you can travel to

where your Spirit does not direct or guide you toward your destiny.

Life is the experience of being you;

No one can ever be someone other than who they are.

The beauty found in each and every person

is the essence of of life.

Simply. . . you are who you are

and for whatever time you have to be,

you must not try to shadow yourself,

but rather, express yourself. . .

Let Your Spirit Guide You



With my boys back in school, I have been able to visit the Nokota Horse Preserve again. The crisp days of fall are here and the horses seem to enjoy the cooler weather. On my recent visits, I have watched as these magical horses connected with those they encountered. I am always fascinated by their Old Language and watching people learn to speak it. Perhaps what has been even more beautiful to observe, is their gift of healing our hurt.

There is a saying that a horse will teach you more about yourself than they will about them. In many ways I believe this is true. You cannot help but gain a greater perspective of who you are and hear the inner voice of your Spirit when you spend time with these horses. I find that when I sit in alone in their pastures and quiet the noise in my mind, I hear and feel so much and I am able to ground myself. I suppose most animals can help us in the same way; I know I have a similar connection with my German Shepherd, Raven. She truly is my best friend.

These horses have the ability to calm our hearts when we are hurting and they will connect with you and ease your pain when your burdens are many. It’s as if they feel our hurt and hear our Soul speak. I was recently able to capture that connection with a new friend who’d recently suffered the loss of her own horse. I could feel her hurt myself and I watched as Rabbit felt it too and comforted her in his own special way. It was beautiful.

Our Brokenness is Beautiful

Today I am sharing some recent images of the Nokota with you and I hope that as you look through these images, you will allow yourself to feel the connections made by these magical horses. May we all find animals that we connect with in this special way and may we all embrace their love and guidance.

Let Your Spirit Guide You





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