Why Your Photo Album is Worth the Investment

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February 21, 2024



The photograph remembers long after we have forgotten

If you have worked with me, you know that the printed picture is at the heart of my work. That is because I know the true value of printed pictures – they are priceless. Printed pictures give you precious moments, forever captured in images that will live forever. Our pictures were meant to live on walls, on tables for display, and on bookcases. They were never meant to live as digital files, long forgotten on thumb drives or computers, where they are slowly lost to time.

As your photographer, I know you are investing your hard-earned money into your session. I want our time working together to leave you and your family with an experience you will forever cherish and remember. A big part of that experience should be the printed images we create together.

In life today, everyone wants to share their pictures on social media and they usually want to print some images to share as gifts and to hang at home. Clients receive their gallery of completed images and usually end up struggling to choose which ones to print. This is why photo albums are such a perfect choice!

Photo albums allow you to walk away from your session with as many images as you’d like to include in your album! They alleviate the disappointment of not being able to have all the printed pictures you love. When you print your pictures thru my professional lab, you are choosing to print your pictures on the best papers with the best archival inks. This ensures color-accuracy and photographs that will never fade or alter in appearance. The same holds true with my professional album company of choice!

I have opted to work with one of the top-tier album companies in the country. Their albums are only available through professional photographers. They handcraft their albums and also use the best papers and archival inks in the business. Their quality is second to none and they guarantee their albums for life. They offer a beautiful assortment of choices in both linen and leather covers, thick and thin pages, and luxe and matte paper finishes. Their albums are truly stunning to hold and flip through. These albums are offered in a variety of different sizes as well.

Albums also make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Sometimes it’s hard to gift someone a framed picture when they don’t really have the wall space available to hang it. But everyone has space to lay out a photo album! In the days of film, everyone printed their pictures and tucked them away inside the photo albums of yesterday. What a gift those old albums are today! With advancements in technology, we now have the ability to print our pictures digitally into these beautiful handcrafted albums. Thankfully, these albums are available for any type of photography session experience, not just weddings.

At the conclusion of your session, I will always offer to meet with you and share my collection of albums. I believe in order to know the true value of these albums, you need to hold them, feel the different pages and see the different textures and covers. It also helps you visualize your album options as you watch your sample album video that I always include with your gallery of images. Albums are the perfect solution when you don’t have a lot of wall space to hang numerous pictures!

It always feels like Christmas when your albums are delivered! If you are local, I will personally hand-deliver your albums. If you are out of the area, I will have your album shipped directly to you. Once you receive your beautiful albums, I encourage you to spend countless hours holding your albums and revisiting your images, sharing them with family and friends. Let them live on coffee tables and bookcase shelves where they are easily accessible. Years from now you will be so grateful you invested in these luxurious albums and preserved your priceless memories. And one day, long after our time on this earth has passed, our generations to come will inherit these albums and get lost in the pages of memories and stories they tell.

I would love to work with you and capture the stories of your life and your love as you are carried through each season of your story together. Let’s walk together and capture your moments and preserve them in albums where they will live forever!

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