The Emotive Gift of a Photograph

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December 5, 2023



For as long as I can remember, I have always been excited to look through old photo albums and pictures and imagine the lives the people in those photos lived. When asked where my love of photography comes from, I often will tell the story of finding old boxes of pictures and letters in my grandparents’ home and how I loved to look at the people in those pictures. I would study their faces, their clothes, the background in the photos, and their eyes. I learned at a young age how the people in those photos can tell you their story, their struggles, how they lived and loved, and so much more. A good photograph will evoke emotion and hold your heart for a moment, sometimes a lifetime.

Have you ever looked back at your family pictures and felt the tug of emotions? Moms with grown kids, have you ever sat down and gone back through the pictures you took of your babies who are no longer small? You know that feeling you get when you realize how precious those seemingly ordinary moments were and how you didn’t think they’d mean so much at the time those pictures were taken? Have you ever looked back on the photos of your family members who’ve crossed over? Parents, grandparents, siblings, lost loves…If you have, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Our printed pictures forever hold the lives and memories of the people within them and they evoke our emotions, creating a powerful gift.

Take a moment to look at these old pictures found through social media pages. Their faces, clothing, the lives they lived, etc. Let yourself connect with these people as they share their story with you.

When you seek out a photographer to take your pictures, I will forever encourage you to look beyond the idea of a “quick session” and the price tag. So often I see social media posts looking for photographers “who don’t charge a lot.” Sometimes it’s for a wedding and sometimes they’re looking for “a quick session just to get a few new pictures for Christmas cards.” Friends, I completely understand the reasons why!

You know that saying, “you get what you pay for.” That saying also applies to your photography session! I will tell you there is a marked difference between a photographer who adds you to their long list of clients and sessions and one who intentionally creates an experience that holds you and your family story prominently from beginning to end. The first photographer seeks out as many sessions as they can sanely handle and then pushes you through your time block, snapping away pictures to fill your gallery. You walk away feeling rushed and like another number in the system and while you have pictures, you don’t feel deeply connected to them or the experience. The second photographer takes the time to learn about your family and your heart. They limit the number of sessions they will take, in order to give more attention to each client they work with. You end up walking away from that experience feeling deeply touched and connected with the pictures you created together. You are then able to print these emotive photographs and fill your walls and photo albums with images that will forever take you back to the feelings you had the day you took those pictures. Long after your mind has forgotten the little details and emotions held in those images, you will be able to look at them again and fall right back into the day they were taken.

We live in a fast-paced world and we are always looking for the best deals and instant gratification. I am here to remind you that when it comes to your family photography, the best deals and instant gratification will not create emotive photographs that you will hold tightly and cherish.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am that second photographer mentioned above and I would love to share my “why” with you to show you the difference between a quick session and a full experience! Your family and your heart deserve to be at the center of your photography sessions!

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